What is Ideal Parent Figure Protocol? 


So, good news, insecure internal maps of attachment and insecure patterns of behavior can be modified and changed for the better.

Memory is limited to our actual experience with the caregivers we grew up with, but imagination creates new possibilities.

With IPF we do a meditation where you’ll begin to imagine an ideal parent figure for yourself. This exploration is about your ideal parent, someone perfectly suited to your nature in every way.

We are not attempting to repair or replace the actual parenting experiences that you had. We’re trying to make these “completely pristine independent entries into the perceptual database,” as one of my mentors George Haas says.

What happens as you do this work is that after a while you’ll begin to respond differently to the world. You’ll begin to make new choices based on the new “love map” or Internal Working Model.

And this, dear ones, is when we do a little happy dance (and we don’t care who sees us!)

See Ep. 14 of the Vlog YOU HAD ME AT BONJOUR where I guide Amy Dresner in a session of IPF 


Is there evidence that this works? 

Ok Nancy Drew, here's the clinical research….

Read an Independant Study 

Here is an independent clinical study on IPF done by Federico Parra and his colleagues in Paris

Read the Study

Find Daniel P. Brown's book

In this 2017 book my mentor Daniel P. Brown offers his process for Attachment repair and the IPF protocol 

Find the Book

See an Example

Daniel P. Brown demonstrates the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol, the foundation for IPF in this short video

Watch the Video

Joanna, Spain

"I’ve really appreciated Ideal Parent Figure protocol sessions with Dufflyn. I find her interventions very warm, skilled with the protocol and also very supportive. Working with her I have had multiple resolutions and noticeable increase in imaginative capacity and real-time mentalization, as well as emergence of completely novel positive state experiences and perspectives."

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