Hey there gorgeous!

If you are a woman who wants to create healthy, empowering relationships without  resorting to Tequila, Ben & Jerry’s or *67, you’re in the right place


  • You’re struggling with sex, love and dating and you’d really rather discover how to be confident, sassy, and in the flow with all that

  • You are the partner of an addicted person and are ready to heal from the adverse effects of living with active addiction (oh girl, I feel you)
  • You’re feeling stuck in relational patterns and while you haven’t lost your sense of humor about that, it’s really heartbreaking and painful and isn’t it time you did something about it?
  • You’re healing from a divorce or separation and you could use some support to walk into the next stage of your life like a QUEEN
  • You’re contemplating ending your relationship and you’re just not sure if you should stay or go…



“Love me,” he sings.

It is my mantra, my battle cry, the longing I haul wherever I go but unload only when I sing along. Or when I drink.

I am sixteen and totally crushed out on The Longhair’s pouty lips and Bubble Yum voice.

Backstage I stand side-by-side with him for a photo. I am trying so hard in my miniskirt and flea market heels.

After, I whisper to my friend, “He pinched my butt!” I am THRILLED. I am ALIVE. I am CONNECTED.

But the vortex of emptiness comes back strong and often.

It will be years before I can pull the projection inward and harness my popcorn heart; years before I can quit managing my feelings with drugs and alcohol. Years before I realize my idol was grossly inappropriate with underage me.


Every woman can have the love she wants.

And we might need to grow. We might need some guidance. We might need someone to love us while we learn to love ourselves.

I am trained in Attachment Repair, Tantra, Intervention, and Coaching. This makes me a powerful ally for any woman on a healing journey who wants to create healthy relationships without slipping into old patterns.

I wish I could talk to the vulnerable girl I was back then.

I would tell her; you have everything you need inside you. And yes, you deserve more. Do not ever, ever, ever give up. 

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From the Inside Out and the Outside In

We use a tried and true Coaching method to work from the “outside in” to develop a plan, a goal, actionable steps and provide accountability that will give you immediate relief. And we work from the “inside out” using the clinically proven Ideal Parent Figure Protocol technique to generate an internal shift that will change the way you feel about yourself, the world, and others in a deep and lasting way.

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Known for her work with high-performing individuals, Dufflyn’s private clients include Oscar-winning actors, business pioneers, and multiple Grammy-winning musicians. She is passionate about creative living and contributing to the  community. Here are a few articles and videos.

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