Special Guest Kelly McDaniel – Mother Hunger, Ep. 16


Mother Hunger – What an attachment injury FEELS like (an enduring heartache) 

In Episode 16 I’m bringing in Special Guest Kelly McDaniel to talk about Mother Hunger.

Kelly McDaniel, is a licensed professional counselor and author, specializing in treating women who struggle with relationships.

As the first clinician to name an attachment injury as Mother Hunger, she explores the legacy of maternal deprivation.

In her book, Mother Hunger, Kelly speaks to the millions of women who suffer with a life-long emotional burden that adversely affects self-worth.

It didn’t have a name, until now.


In This Episode:

[2:00] Frozen Grief – what is that?

[3:00] What is it a mother does and what happens when we don’t get it? 

[5:08] How Kelly chose the 3 factors of Mother Hunger: nurturing, protection and guidance…

[6:47] Your brain and nurturing – what we’ve learned from monkeys.

[8:21] Safety and protection – a complicated issue.

[11:00] My baby pillow story – the surrogate soother.

[13:03] 3rd Degree Mother Hunger (AKA Disorganized Attachment).

[22:10] Mothers need support too!

[24:00] Soft and strong — getting stuck in the “go” is about a lack of nurturing

[26:00] Sisterhood is complicated

[29:47] There is a light at the end of the tunnel – and even along the way.


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