Love Him or Leave Him Online Course


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Should you stay or should you go? This course will help you find the clarity, confidence and courage you need to make a decision you won't regret and move toward healthy, empowering relationships.

Over a series of 3 modules and 8 lessons, you get to: 

  • Explore how you got where you are and why you’re there
  • Find clarity on what’s holding you back from making empowered choices
  • Discover the pros and cons of the relationship
  • Cultivate insight to help you bring focus back to yourself and reclaim your confidence
  • Practice a formula to choose your words and communicate with courage
  • Claim self responsibility over self abandonment

Each lesson comes with a workbook to help you apply these concepts to your own relationship in a practical way.

You should expect to invest 2 hours per module (6 hours total) to derive full value from this course.


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