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What People Are Saying:

"Certainly I have a feeling that I grew in my personal / relationship life after this year we have spent together. I processed a very difficult break up and everything related to this. I was working on my edges, limitations, old patterns, but also my needs and expectations when it comes to the new relationship I want to have. I tracked my attachment style trying to rework it towards secure attachment. The Personal Empowerment Plan helped me to orientate where I am in my growing process, to see clearly the vision, purpose and growing edges. After this year I am closer to my vision. I developed being closer to my real needs and the way I want to feel in future relationship, also recognising what I don't want there... what kind of behaviours or attitudes etc. Also how to "operate" with my old preoccupied attachment style. Being in a new relationship now which feels very good! I believe we can make it better when we find the right partner." - Anna (Warsaw)