Before I tell you about this mini-course let’s talk about who it’s for…


You’re a woman who has one foot in and one foot out of a romantic situation and you know it’s time to make a decision and either make this thing work or move on, but you haven’t been able to sort it out. Yet. 

Whether you…

  • feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or not alive in your relationship and you know something has to change
  • have a “Plan B” but you still aren’t sure you want to walk away from your “Plan A” 
  • have recently gone through some big changes (like getting sober, moving to a new city, leaving or starting a job, sending kids off to college) and you’re unsure if the relationship still fits 


My Personal Inspiration

Get a sneak peek at the Welcome Video of this course for free, and I’ll share with you my personal inspiration for creating LOVE HIM… OR LEAVE HIM? 

I really loved the experience of watching the videos and doing the journal prompts— it feels so much wider than solely coming toone singular decision of stay or leave. There is so much space in the course to think about myself, my growth, my learning, my visions for myself and my relationships that I get to take with me no matter what- whether it is continuing to grow in the relationship I am currently in or on to the next chapter, experience. That feels really hopeful and helpful.

- Jamie, Brooklyn USA


By the end of this mini-course if you do the work you will have:

UNDERSTOOD what the payoff is for staying and what the cost is of leaving

EXPLORED your own fears and resentments around this relationship

LEARNED a formula with which you can script and speak your truth

GAINED perspective you need to make a choice you won’t regret

Don’t just take it from me… 



PARIS, France

Dufflyn helped me make realizations about my relationship and behaviors in order to take steps to figure out if I want to either improve the relationship or end it. I had been confused and unsatisfied for quite a while in my relationship and did not know what to do. I was able to gain more clarity about it and myself. 



CALGARY, Alberta

After I hit my one year in Recovery, I felt my 11 year marriage was missing a spark. We are working parents,  focused on raising our 4 and 5 year old kids. My experience working with Dufflyn gave me the ease and confidence that I needed – for my relationship and my recovery.



SYDNEY, Australia

Working with Dufflyn I realized; you have to trust your gut, trust your heart, be honest with yourself about what you really want, not what works for everybody else, not what’s going to make everybody else happy, trust what’s right for you. You’ve only got one life, don’t do something to please everybody else. 



MODULE 1 Clarity

Here is where I ask you the questions that will facilitate the clarity you need in order to make the choice that’s right for you. In truth, many women already know what they want and what they need, but when you put in down in black and white, there are no more excuses. You’ll have 2 lessons, each with exercises that will prompt you to dig deep and come up with the gold that only you can mine. What’s been holding you back? Time to find out! 


MODULE 2 Confidence 

This module is all about looking at and listening to all the different parts of you and then integrating those voices. Then, you’ll learn about how to communicate and explore where you haven’t been speaking up. Confidence means sharing your voice. You’ll have a specific formula to use so that you don’t get lost when it’s time to speak up. And you’ll begin to re-write your story and imagine the ending you want, again with 2 lessons and several exercises for each lesson. You do the work, you get the goods! 

MODULE 3 Courage

We’ll talk here about self esteem and how that is connected to boundaries in relationships. You will look at what courage is and acknowledge the bravery in yourself. You’ll hear an inspiring story from a former client. And finally I’ll offer you a tool that will take you to the next level and give you even more perspective and the opportunity to take a step in the right direction. Another 3 lessons here and some exercises that really bring it home. 

Burning Questions: FAQ

Are you going to tell me what to do? 

Nope. I don’t know what you should do. My belief is that you do, though, and our work here is about discovering your own inner knowing and bringing that to the surface so that you can move forward in a way that honors your truth. 

How long does it take to get through the course? 

I’d say give yourself about 2 hours per module. You can do it all at once (over a weekend for example) or spread it out and do a module a week. It’s really up to you, depending on where you’re at emotionally. 

What if I still don’t know what to do when the course is finished? 

I guarantee you will have more clarity, confidence, and courage. And if you’re still not ready to take action that’s ok. You’ll have the option to join my community, HeartSpring, where you can get more support and keep learning about healthy, empowering relationships. 

Can I do this course instead of therapy? 

Please keep in mind this course is not meant to be therapy and it is not a replacement for one-to-one work. If overwhelming feelings come up or if trauma is triggered please consult a professional.

I’m worried about the man in question finding out what I’m thinking…

Honestly, he probably already knows that something is not quite right. And of course it’s up to you to keep your private work— your answers to the questions in the exercises— in a safe place. If you’re in a relationship that’s conscious and healthy, the other party will know they have no business nosing about in your personal musings. And if not, well there’s more clarity for you. 


We all have inner voices of self-doubt, and that inner critic can become one of the most debilitating forces in our journey to healthy relationships.

In this bonus course complement to the Love Him…or Leave Him course, we will explore techniques to tame that inner critic using 2 guided meditations in addition to a series of workbook exercises that will. You should be prepared to invest at least an hour in this course to explore the concepts presented and reflect how to apply them in your life.

This bonus course is exclusively available to those enrolled in the Love Him…or Leave Him course, so be sure to enroll now to give your relationships every possible chance to succeed.


Listen, that decision is not going to make itself. And the truth is you aren’t expected to take any action at all as a result of doing this course. This is about uncovering your own awareness so that you can make a conscious choice. Certainly I would never ask of you anything that isn’t in alignment with your highest good. I do not know what’s best for you.
What I do know is that the course I’ve created is based on many years of work with women just like you who are struggling to create the love life they want and deserve. And that this is a tried and true system for clarity, confidence, and courage. More than anything, I want to share with you that you have it in your power to make great choices for yourself and that you don’t have to wait a minute longer.
I’ve watched so many amazing women work through these difficult decisions. I know what it takes. And I know you’ve got it in you. My job is to support you and encourage you and give you these tools so that you too can blossom my little flower. I’m leaning over next to you whispering “Grow, grow, grow. You can do it!” 

My Personal Inspiration

If you’re wondering about where I’m at now in my own love story, get a sneak peek the Welcome Video of this course for free, and I’ll share with you my personal inspiration for creating LOVE HIM… OR LEAVE HIM?