Hello ladies, welcome to Love Him or Leave Him!

We’re going on an emotional journey together. I know it may seem a little scary at first. So I want you to know it’s a path I’ve been down before. I have walked beside many women on this road and I know it well. What I’m offering you is a tried and true system.

I want to invite you to schedule some time for yourself to do this work. It should take about 2 hours per module.

Give yourself this time. Make it a priority and you will get the results you want and deserve, but only if you do the work. No one can do it for you.

I cannot promise that you will have made your decision by the time you finish the course. But I can promise that you will have the clarity, confidence, and courage you need in order to make an empowered decision. And, I will be right here with you.

Please keep in mind this course is not meant to be therapy. If overwhelming feelings come up or if trauma is triggered please consult a professional.

Let’s begin…


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