What is Ideal Parent Figure Protocol?

So, good news, insecure internal maps of attachment and insecure patterns of behavior can be modified and changed for the better.

Memory is limited to our actual experience with the caregivers we grew up with, but imagination creates new possibilities.

With IPF we do a meditation where you’ll begin to imagine an ideal parent figure for yourself. This exploration is about your ideal parent, someone perfectly suited to your nature in every way.

We are not attempting to repair or replace the actual parenting experiences that you had. We’re trying to make these “completely pristine independent entries into the perceptual database,” as one of my mentors George Haas says.

What happens as you do this work is that after a while you’ll begin to respond differently to the world. You’ll begin to make new choices based on the new “love map” or Internal Working Model.

And this, dear ones, is when we do a little happy dance (and we don’t care who sees us!)

 Is there evidence that this works? 
Ok Nancy Drew, here are a few studies which reveal the clinical research….

Episode 14 of my Vlog features an IPF session with Amy and I

The master, Daniel P. Brown, demonstrating Ideal Parent Figure Protocol


How it has worked for others

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