Getting Intimate With Amy Dresner – Ep 3


Have you been told you’re too “masculine” and this is why you have trouble with men?

This week Amy is rocking her meditation practice and exploring roles, expectations and beliefs which leads us to a down and dirty talk on the topic of masculine energy (go) vs. feminine energy (flow). I’ve got some straight talk for you on the subject. And what to do when a dude doesn’t test you back. The horror! 

My guest Amy Dresner is a journalist, author, and former comedian as well as a recovering addict and alcoholic. She was a regular columnist for the addiction/recovery magazine since 2012 and has freelanced for, Psychology Today, Vice, Salon and many other publications.

Her first book, “My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean,” was published by Hachette in 2017 to rave reviews from critics and readers alike. Elle magazine compared Dresner’s darkly comic memoir to Carrie Fisher’s “Postcards from the Edge” and Mary Karr’s “Lit,” calling Dresner’s book “one for the ages.”

Dresner has appeared on the television show The Doctors and on numerous radio shows and podcasts, including Dr. Drew, Dopey and Rich Roll. She does regular speaking engagements around the U.S. She is the co-host to Joe Schrank of the new Rehab Confidential Podcast. Her book is currently in development for a TV series.

In This Episode:

[0:25} So basically Meditation is better than medication. Fact. 

[4:08] Roles, Beliefs, and masculine vs. feminine. We all know about this and yet we go out into the world as if we don’t!

[7:16] Trying to be something you’re not was “like wearing a costume that didn’t fit.” 

[12:46] I point out to Amy that what she needs is someone who is more of a man than she is. Obvi. 

[14:32] Amy was told to read “The Rules,” her response is hilar.  

[15:15] Amy admits she actually begins to feel softer when a guy opens doors and “pays for stuff.” We like that shit. 

[16:28] Amy is old. But she’s not mature. According to her. 

[17:27] Amy acknowledges that when she has done the chasing it hasn’t worked. Yep.  

[17:34] Amy reveals that while she thought spending time alone would heal her, she’s the same person 3 years in. Time does not heal all wounds it turns out. 

[18:00] Here’s a tool to use when you find yourself taking things personally.

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