Book Your IPF Session:

Hi Sweetheart,

Ok, so you’re ready to take it to the next level, amazing!

An IPF session is a 90 minute appointment for current clients. You must have completed a Discovery Call previously with me (and you’ve probably even done a few Coaching Sessions already to lay the foundation for this deeper work).

The goal of this specific process is to develop a new, positive and stable internal map for healthy secure attachment. When you have the internal map for secure attachment, that serves as the basis for new, deeply positive experiences in your relationship with yourself and others. So we’re going to do a meditation where you’ll begin to imagine an ideal parent figure for yourself.

Get ready for a quantum leap!

Prior to an IPF session you will also be prompted to read and agree to the Coaching Agreement, Code of Ethics and the Privacy Policy. Your appointment will be scheduled on Zoom. You will receive a confirmation email so please be sure to check your spam if you don’t see that right away.

An IPF session is provided for a fee of $250 per session. To book an appointment, please follow these directions:

  • You must first PURCHASE A PACKAGE OF 6, 9, OR 12 SESSIONS all at once. All coaching services require a minimum commitment of 6 sessions to begin the coaching journey.
  • Please use the coupon code in your order receipt email to pay for your sessions when booking them until you’ve used all of your prepaid package sessions.
  • The option to pay for individual sessions is offered only under special pre-approved circumstances. 

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“The sunlight of the spirit is not somewhere out there, it is inside you.”